Map Service to Shapefile with Python Part 2 – Iteration

This post builds on the previous “Extract a Map Service Layer to Shapefile using Python” post. It seems as though many are interested in getting past the pesky limits ArcGIS Server has on querying/extracting data to a shapefile. The initial post does mention this limitation, which is typically 1000 or 5000 features by default depending on the version (and configurable by admins). Part 2 will focus on getting past that limitation to all the juicy goodness… errr, all the data.
Before We Begin
It might be a good idea to refresh on the details of part 1 as we aren’t covering the same pieces again. And before we […]

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ArcGIS JavaScript API 3.18

ArcGIS JavaScript API 3.18 was released by Esri last week. Great news for those still using the 3 series – and FYI, ArcGIS JavaScript API 4.1 was also release last week.
What’s New in ArcGIS JavaScript API 3.18
The biggest update in ArcGIS JavaScript API 3.18 looks to be an overhaul of the FeatureTable Widget. There are lots of new and improved features, including the long anticipated support for related records. Selection behaviour in the table has been improved, but if you have been leveraging this in the past you might want to test first, as there are some major changes here.

Another big update […]

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Collector for ArcGIS Windows Edition 10.4 AND it works

Phew! Collector for ArcGIS Windows Edition 10.4 is here… and it works!! That positive energy put forward in the related Collector 10.3 post seems to have paid off. The 10.4 version is now available for Windows 10 on the Windows Store. After updating the software, I was successful pairing Windows 10 with external receivers (without the Location API).
Collector for ArcGIS Windows Edition 10.4
This August, Esri released the Windows 10 and Android (new beta) versions of the popular Collector for ArcGIS application. Available from their related App stores, this update has been long awaited for allowing high accuracy GNSS devices to be connected. The […]

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Collector for ArcGIS 10.4.0 iOS

Collector for ArcGIS 10.4.0 iOS is now available in Apple’s App Store. This is a major update for those hoping to use high-accuracy GNSS with their iOS device in the field. If this isn’t enough of a reason to upgrade, or you are happy with your current Elf/Glo/Arrow/other, there are a few other enhancements which make this update a must.

One of the other additions in this release is the enhancements to attachments:

Preserve EXIF data on attachments (time, date, gps/compass info, etc)
Support for attaching additional file types (such as PDFs)

As for bugs, a few were fixed in this release […]

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Collector for ArcGIS Windows Edition 10.3

It sounds like a no-brainer: Use your Microsoft 10 deviced docked at the office, then disconnect, and your field ready with Collector for ArcGIS Windows Edition 10.3. For staff that frequent the field, yet have some office time here and there, a single device sounds like a dream come true. But sometimes dreams can lead to nightmares – which can be the case for some Windows + Collector users.
Collector for ArcGIS Windows Edition 10.3 Not Ready
At the time of writing, Collector for ArcGIS Windows Edition is at release 10.3 – and frankly, this isn’t ready for production use (IMHO). I’m remaining […]

Use Bootstrap to Customize Esri’s JavaScript InfoWindow Icons

I was recently working a small web mapping application and wanted to use Bootstrap to customize Esri’s JavaScript InfoWindow icons to match the style of the application. If you were unaware, this usually involves finding the sprite (image) file and making modifications or creating a new sprite. In this case, I was already using Bootstrap, so I wanted to use Glyphicons instead.

If you are interested in using the sprite approach, or just want to change the popup look/feel, there is a great blog article for your reference on Making Your Pop-up Pop.
Use Bootstrap to Customize Esri’s JavaScript InfoWindow Icons
This […]

Projecting between NAD83 and NAD83 CSRS in ArcGIS

If you work with data in Canada, be careful when projecting data from one GCS to another (NAD83 and NAD83 CSRS). Why you ask? Even though many Canadian geographic transformations are supported in ArcGIS, the required files aren’t installed by default. Now, before we show up at Jack’s office in Redlands with pitchforks and torches, you should know one thing – it’s not their fault. Matter of fact: Esri, PCI, GeoMedia, QGIS, and other GIS software all have this exact same issue –  the grid files are proprietary so the software companies traditionally haven’t been allowed to include them. […]

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Extract a Map Service Layer to Shapefile using Python

How easy/hard is it to extract a Map Service layer to Shapefile using Python? Not as hard as you would think. Is it legal? Not as easy as you would think! And before I get into this any further, there are also ways of doing this directly in ArcMap – but that wouldn’t be very Pythonic now would it.

UPDATE: Part 2 is now available – Map Service to Shapefile with Python Part 2 – Iteration
Legal Schmegal (and a brief disclaimer)
I’m not a lawyer – but I have watched many TV shows where someone else played one. Oh, and I’ve actually […]

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ArcGIS Collector 10.3.7

The new releases keep pouring out for the Esri Dev Summit. This time we get a very focused update for ArcGIS Collector 10.3.7. If you were hoping for GNSS receiver support, sorry to report it isn’t quite ready yet. But don’t fret, this update focuses on another major area: Offline editing.
ArcGIS Collector 10.3.7 – what’s new
“Advanced offline options” are the focus of this release. These new offline options are setup in ArcGIS Online, and improve download and sync operations in the client app. You can determine what information is retrieved from the web during editing – for both editable and […]

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ArcGIS JavaScript API 3.16

With Palm Springs hosting the Esri Developer Summit this week – a few updates are coming out of Redlands just in time for the plenary. The ArcGIS JavaScript API 3.16 was released this past Friday and it has many new features to showcase on the big screen.
ArcGIS JavaScript API 3.16 what’s new
Just a few items highlighted below, or you can checkout the full list here – but after searching, the ‘easy button’ is still missing from the features list (Spoiler).

A new theme: Sorry Claro, there is a new theme in town. “Calcite” is currently in beta and has some advantages […]

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