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Shapefile vs Feature Class cover image
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Shapefile vs Feature Class

Walking down the hallways of a GIS conference you hear lots of great debate and geek-talk on a variety of topics. A Shapefile vs Feature…

Esri User Conference Q&A cover image
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Esri User Conference Q&A

It’s that time of year again… when 12,000 people (approximately) head to San Diego to refill their Esri Kool-Aid and see what’s coming down…

Unexpected Google Announcements cover image
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Unexpected Google Announcements

A few big announcements from Google over the past few weeks. First, Google announced that support for the Google Maps Engine product will…

ArcGIS Pro Favorites and Folders cover image
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ArcGIS Pro Favorites and Folders

ArcGIS Pro has been able to store favorites since the 2.x releases. How this is managed in Pro has changed slightly over the years. Well, I…