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ArcGIS Javascript API 3.11 Released

ArcGIS Javascript API 3.11 Released

Today Esri announced their latest release of ArcGIS Javascript API 3.11. Notable changes/updates include:

  • New Heatmap Renderer for feature layers (as a beta item).
  • Measurement widget enhancements including updated events and methods. This sounds like a minor thing, but has lots of potential.
  • Lots of performance enhancements to projecting features, InfoTemplates, Web Optimizer, API enhancements, and bug fixes.
  • And most notably, the “what’s new” screen shots are all taken from a Mac. And they thought we wouldn’t notice 😉

There are many more new and enhanced features in the ArcGIS Javascript API 3.11 release. For the full list of updates, jump to the What’s new in Version 3.11 page. FYI - some of the new samples aren’t listed in the Table of Contents yet, but you can still find them from the API Reference Section, use the ”Search for samples that use this class” button.

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