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ArcGIS JavaScript API 3.16

With Palm Springs hosting the Esri Developer Summit this week - a few updates are coming out of Redlands just in time for the plenary. The ArcGIS JavaScript API 3.16 was released this past Friday and it has many new features to showcase on the big screen.

ArcGIS JavaScript API 3.16 what’s new

Just a few items highlighted below, or you can checkout the full list here - but after searching, the easy button is still missing from the features list (Spoiler):

  • A new theme: Sorry Claro, there is a new theme in town. “Calcite” is currently in beta and has some advantages - it will not look identical to all other API maps out there using Claro.
  • The feature table widget has been overhauled to allow for more visual customization, and more events available. Not only that, it now supports editing!
  • Directions widget: Improved visualization and route editing is now available.
  • Measurement widget: Not only a much needed update for accuracy, but also on-the-fly dynamic distance/areas as you move the mouse. Sure we all wrote our own 3 years ago to do this - but nice to see the core function making it to the prime time widget world.
  • Vector tile basemaps available as named basemaps. The tile basemaps are still beta, but access to them is ready to go.

More tweaks, improvements, and bug fixes are included as well. The vector tile basemaps are a very exciting feature, and we should expect to see much more related to vector tiles as we move forward (read: this is the future of base maps).

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