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ArcGIS Collector 10.3.7

The new releases keep pouring out for the Esri Dev Summit. This time we get a very focused update for ArcGIS Collector 10.3.7. If you were hoping for GNSS receiver support, sorry to report it isn’t quite ready yet. But don’t fret, this update focuses on another major area: Offline editing.

ArcGIS Collector 10.3.7 - what’s new

“Advanced offline options” are the focus of this release. These new offline options are setup in ArcGIS Online, and improve download and sync operations in the client app. You can determine what information is retrieved from the web during editing - for both editable and read-only layers.

Collector Advanced Options Collector Advanced Options

This update might not seem like a big deal, but it can have significant benefits when field staff want to sync days worth of photos and vector edits. Not only can syncing use large volumes of data (images), but watching the sync icon spin for minutes on end is time wasted in the field.

…your organization may want to limit the size and amount of data field workers retrieve from the server during initial download as well as subsequent sync operations. This can make it faster for field workers to share changes, and minimize data transfer costs. This is especially true when your field workers are in areas with low bandwidth. You can limit the types of data field workers retrieve from the server by adjusting the Advanced Offline Options in ArcGIS Online. These settings do not affect edits made by the field worker; those are always sent to the server. ~ Esri blog (accessed 03/08/2016)

I still think we should thank Starbucks and McDonalds for their free Wi-Fi since this is still a great way to take a quick coffee break and do large syncs - but maybe with these updates you can be back in the field before finishing your Grande Chai Tea Latte, 3 Pump, Skim Milk, Lite Water, No Foam, Extra Hot drink of happiness.

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