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ArcGIS Javascript API 3.12 Released

ArcGIS Javascript API 3.12 Released

It’s only been a few months, but Esri has already released ArcGIS Javascript API 3.12. Phew! Normally, this isn’t a big deal - but if you were trying to use the Measure Tools in 3.11, this change couldn’t come sooner (it didn’t work in 3.11). There are also many exciting and notable updates in this release, including:

  • Two new basemaps options: Terrain (updated) and Dark Gray (new)
  • The HeatmapRenderer is now released (no longer beta)
  • 10 new analysis widgets
  • Improvements to labelling for non-web mercator (and GCS) spatial references
  • New DataAdapterFeatureLayer and Location Provider (beta): A great addition that enables visually displaying a tabular dataset that doesn’t contain spatial information.
  • FeatureTable widget (beta): A great new beta feature that we’ve all been waiting for - a new widget that displays your features in a table format, and can be used both with and without a map!
  • Bug fixes: If you were exited for the 3.11 updates/enhancements to the measurement widget mentioned in my ArcGIS Javascript API 3.11 release post (among other fixes), but were saddened to find out the measurement widget actually broke at 3.11, these fixes are for you!

There are many more new and enhanced features in the ArcGIS Javascript API 3.12 release. For the full list of updates, jump to Esri’s What’s new in Version 3.12 page (links to most recent what’s new page).

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