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W3C HTML5 Recommendation Complete!

It’s time to rejoice - the W3C HTML5 guessing game is over! After 17 years of HTML4 we have reached a new milestone as The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) published their official Recommendation of HTML5.  For those who have been developing on HTML5 for years already, we finally have some official standards to base our development on. Better yet - the web browser industry can finish implementing the standard.

HTML5 has brought us new elements such as <video> and <canvas> which are changing the way users interact with the web. User Experience (UX) is so important to web development these days - this announcement couldn’t come sooner.

We expect to be able to share photos, shop, read the news, and look up information anywhere, on any device. Though they remain invisible to most users, HTML5 and the Open Web Platform are driving these growing user expectations. ~Tim Berners-Lee, W3C Director (excerpt from W3C news release).

Here is a link to a video from W3C on Vimeo to celebrate this special occasion.

Now everyone go visit their parents and upgrade their Windows XP computer. Better yet, just recycle it and get them a tablet with a decent browser App (Chrome/FireFox).

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