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ArcGIS Pro licensing Update

ArcGIS Pro licensing Update

Thought you could delay and/or ignore signing up for an ArcGIS Online (AGOL) Organizational account? Well, it’s going to get a little more difficult to stay away based on a recent ”ArcGIS Pro licensing Update” blog post from Esri. Starting with ArcGIS Pro beta 5 and continuing through the final release, licensing of Pro will be managed through AGOL Organization admin accounts.

ArcGIS Pro follows a named user licensing model, where each user account is assigned permissions to access the software. Starting with beta 5, licenses for ArcGIS Pro are administered through your ArcGIS Online organizational account. This will be the software authorization method used for the remainder of the beta program, as well as in the final release.

We aren’t sure how traditional 9x/10x desktop Concurrent Use licenses will be counted/ported to the new Organizational account licenses, but since it is based on named users (not concurrent connections), there will be some changes.

This will not impact your current 9x/10x ArcGIS Desktop licensing or license manager - just ArcGIS Pro moving forward. Might be a good time re-evaluate signing up for that account now.

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