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Collector for ArcGIS Updated v18.0.1

Collector for ArcGIS Updated v18.0.1

Collector for ArcGIS v18.0.1 is now released for all supported platforms. For iOS users, this includes the use of Leica’s Zeno GG04 plus. All platforms get an enhancement for offline tile usage security, and many bug fixes.

The bug fixes for iOS include many of the minor, yet annoying, issues that create some confusion with field staff:

  • BUG-000091922: After searching for a feature in Collector for ArcGIS (iOS) on an iPad Air, there is no option to Copy, Edit, Delete, Zoom to, or Get Directions to the feature
  • BUG-000092762: Orphaned replicas are seen under the REST endpoint of a hosted feature service after removing a map from a mobile device via the Collector for ArcGIS (iOS 8.x) application without synchronizing the edits
  • BUG-000093776: Collector for ArcGIS (iOS) shows duplicate results if multiple searches and selections are executed for the same feature using the Find Locations By Layer application setting
  • BUG-000095584: Unable to add attributes to a related table after searching the feature with a hosted feature layer in Collector for ArcGIS (iOS)
  • BUG-000109015: After searching for a feature in Collector for ArcGIS (iOS), updating a field that controls a feature’s symbology from these search results causes the symbology of the feature not to update, even though the field is updated.
  • BUG-000109894: Collector for ArcGIS (iOS) location tracking stops when the basemap is changed.

Make sure to update all your devices, and have fun in the field!

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