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Collector for ArcGIS update

Collector for ArcGIS has its first feature update in 2017. The list of new features includes a few community request items we should all be excited for.

What’s New in Collector for ArcGIS

This release is known as 17.0.1 (all platforms) and 17.0.2 (Android only added bug fixes), includes:

  • Rename Attachments: A very popular request and a great addition to Collector for ArcGIS. You can now add the attachment (photo, video, etc.) and then change the generic attachment name to your liking.
  • GPS Averaging: Having a small issue with the name of this new feature (GNSS v GPS), but that aside, another great new feature. When you want to average the point location over time from multiple readings. This could be for high-accuracy updates, or even to help when using a mid-range GNSS. You can turn on this feature along with setting the number of points required to average. The location isn’t stored until it averages based on that many points. Works for points and vertices of lines/polygons. Note: You can’t use streaming collection and averaging at the same time (mutually exclusive).
    • Use the setting menu to enable Averaging. Then when you start a collection, you’ll see the header change to show “averaging x of y” and the current averaged accuracy. The dot on the map will turn red during the averaging process as another form of communication.
  • Use Basemaps from an SD card (Android only): No space on your tablet for a large basemap? For Android users, this update will drastically expand the space available for large basemaps. There is lots of potential here as you could have a small collection of various basemaps users could swap between, even when in offline mode. Since no Apple product has SD card slots these days (or any ports really), you are slot-out-of-luck.
  • Continuous Collect Improvements: Copying an existing feature or continuous collection didn’t work in all scenarios. The most noticeable was when the layer participated in a relationship class. These restrictions are now removed as this is now supported on all layers without relationships and on the parent layer when relationships are present. Side Note: Not sure if this is a feature or a bug fix - either way, I’ll take it!
  • Layer Refresh Support:  Another new feature/bug fix is with auto layer refresh (online only). If the feature layer has a refresh interval set, Collector will now…. You guessed it - refresh!

Bug Fixes

A few bug fixes also made it into this release. There is also a small 17.0.2 release for Android that fixes a few additional items that got through the cracks during release. Esri lists a few of the bigger ones which including some limitations with PostgreSQL databases.

  • Android (17.0.1): BUG-000093003, BUG-000103220, BUG-000101786
  • Android (17.0.2): BUG-000105721, BUG-000105749
  • iOS: BUG-000101784, BUG-000104278
  • Windows: BUG-000101636

So what are you waiting for, go download the latest 37MB (iOS) release today and get back out in the field!

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