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ArcGIS Javascript API 3.20

ArcGIS Javascript API 3.20

Phew. The long hiatus of posting updates is over. As expected, the world continued to move on without me. This includes an update to Esri’s ArcGIS Javascript API 3.20.

ArcGIS JavaScript API 3.20 is Here

Not too much in this release, although I always appreciate bug fixes! But let’s start with the unique alien updates.

Starting at ArcGIS JavaScript API 3.20 there are Planetary measurements and scale bars. You read correctly. I can’t find a reference on the ideas page to see how many up-votes this had, but I guess there must be some demand. That’s right, you can now use many “non-Earth” projections including: Moon, Mars, Venus.

On to more earthly updates - the directions widget now supports barriers, the Hindi locale is now supported, along with a few API updates/enhancements. Of note, the Dojo v1.12.1 package is now included which has some nice browser support updates as well.

That’s It?

That’s all folks. To be honest, I’m a fan of the faster release schedules so I don’t take this release as a bad thing. Any time we can get a few minor updates and bug fixes, count me in! So, here’s hoping Esri keeps up with the fast release schedules and get ready for 3.21 in the coming months.

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