SXBlue Platinum, In the Field

It was finally time to get bundled up and test the SXBlue Platinum in nature. Not only to test the functionality, but with the recent -20c outside, to test the device in a traditional Canadian winter. Before heading out, it was time to setup the device with ArcGIS Collector (v17.0.4). Just in case, the device comes with a great quick start guide to explain the status lights, and how to pair with iOS and Android. It goes even further and helps you setup the SXBlue Platinum with ArcGIS Collector which was a great reminder on the “Provider” adjustments that […]

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SXBlue Platinum, an Introduction

The SXBlue Platinum is one of the newer members to Geneq’s SXBlue family. As discussed below, there is really more than one Platinum – with 3 packages and some additional options available. This first post on the SXBlue Platinum is an introduction to the device, not an in-depth review. The goal is to help explain the features and capabilities of this little blue box. Once the -30 degrees C (-22 F) cold snap ends I’ll get my butt outside to do some field testing with ArcGIS Collector and related apps.
What is the SXBlue Platinum?
What is the SXBlue Platinum? Well, […]

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Collector for ArcGIS update

Collector for ArcGIS has its first feature update in 2017. The list of new features includes a few community request items we should all be excited for.
What’s New in Collector for ArcGIS
This release is known as 17.0.1 (all platforms) and 17.0.2 (Android only added bug fixes), includes:

Rename Attachments: A very popular request and a great addition to Collector for ArcGIS. You can now add the attachment (photo, video, etc.) and then change the generic attachment name to your liking.
GPS Averaging: Having a small issue with the name of this new feature (GNSS v GPS), but that aside, another […]

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iOS ArcGIS Collector 10.4 with the Bad Elf GNSS Surveyor

I’ve wanted to try ArcGIS Collector with the Bad Elf series of devices to see how it stacks up against some other external GPS/GNSS. I’ve read some great reviews, but needed to try it with Collector to see for myself. Well, send Larry from Bad Elf to the rescue.  His confidence in the Bad Elf devices is very high, so much so, he sent me a Bad Elf GNSS Surveyor to test out. And now – I understand where his confidence comes from.

Update 2016-11-08: GNSS/GPS hardware pricing corrections.
Setting up the Bad Elf GNSS Surveyor
The setup was straightforward on the […]

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ArcGIS Server 10.5 is now ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5

If you haven’t heard, Esri found out we finally understand the current naming conventions and licencing models for their server products. Naturally, this means it’s time for a name and licence change. Don’t be too hard on them, many didn’t like the existing names either: is it ‘ArcGIS for Server’ or ‘ArcGIS Server’? And sooo many different server products, all dependent on each other yet separate products at the same time. Arrgghhh. This is what Esri is hoping to fix with the new branding (assumption).

So let’s not dwell on what could have been and the latest ArcMarketing terms du jour.  Instead […]

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Collector for ArcGIS Windows Edition 10.4 AND it works

Phew! Collector for ArcGIS Windows Edition 10.4 is here… and it works!! That positive energy put forward in the related Collector 10.3 post seems to have paid off. The 10.4 version is now available for Windows 10 on the Windows Store. After updating the software, I was successful pairing Windows 10 with external receivers (without the Location API).
Collector for ArcGIS Windows Edition 10.4
This August, Esri released the Windows 10 and Android (new beta) versions of the popular Collector for ArcGIS application. Available from their related App stores, this update has been long awaited for allowing high accuracy GNSS devices to be connected. The […]

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Collector for ArcGIS Windows Edition 10.3

It sounds like a no-brainer: Use your Microsoft 10 deviced docked at the office, then disconnect, and your field ready with Collector for ArcGIS Windows Edition 10.3. For staff that frequent the field, yet have some office time here and there, a single device sounds like a dream come true. But sometimes dreams can lead to nightmares – which can be the case for some Windows + Collector users.
Collector for ArcGIS Windows Edition 10.3 Not Ready
At the time of writing, Collector for ArcGIS Windows Edition is at release 10.3 – and frankly, this isn’t ready for production use (IMHO). I’m remaining […]

ArcGIS Collector Updates Galore

Some of the most anticipated updates for ArcGIS Collector have arrived this December! Just in time for… winter?!  (Canada Joke). That said, I’ll take these updates any day – seeing as it will be 15 degrees Celsius (59 Fahrenheit) on Christmas day here in Ontario.

So what’s all this Collector fuss about you ask?
ArcGIS Collector Attachment Sizing (for iOS)
That’s right – you can now optionally set the attachment size for images within the ArcGIS Collector application (iOS users). A huge issue for many users is the significant storage size of all the images being synced at full resolution. Not only are […]

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ArcGIS JavaScript API 3.15

In time to upgrade over the holidays, ArcGIS JavaScript API 3.15 is here with updates that enable us to use many of the new server features that have been announced over the past few months.
ArcGIS JavaScript API 3.15 – no more beta!
The biggest improvement to this release is the move from beta to production for both the GeometryEngine and the FeatureTable modules. Using before this release there was fear that something could change or disappear – thankfully now that they are in production, using them will not be as much of a gamble. A few new methods are also included with the […]

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ArcGIS Collector Illegal Start of Token

After minutes, hours, nay – week in the field, you decide it’s time to sync your offline ArcGIS Collector edits so others in your organization can enjoy the vast quantities of field data you recently collected. Clicking the sync button, a familiar progress bar appears and we start thinking about our next Collector excursion and how easy that was. Alas, we jinxed it. Our positive, happy thoughts somehow caused a rift in the wifi continuum. It then appears: ArcGIS Collector Illegal Start of Token [<].

You try syncing many times thinking the gremlins probably went away, but the consistency of the message […]

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