Web GIS metrics and patterns with Google Analytics

Scouring through some blogs the other day I came across an article from Esri regarding the “Most frequently used Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS widgets in publicly available apps”.  Web GIS metrics aren’t discussed very often, so definitely worth a read. It’s actually a review of 10,000 public apps and most popular widgets in use. I would typically read the article, make a mental note or two, and move on – but this article led me to ask myself a few questions: How do the tools we add to the apps relate to web GIS metrics/analytics? What tools are used […]

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Projecting between NAD83 and NAD83 CSRS in ArcGIS

Update 2018-09-19: Please note that different Geographic systems need specific transformations. As of 2018, CSRS v6 and v7 are becoming very popular – however there is no specific transformations available at this time. If using ArcGIS 10.6x, the newer v6 and v7 Geographic systems are available – in older versions you need to create it. The Guru, Melita Kennedy’s quote: “NAD83 CSRS is a [ongoing] re-adjustment of the original NAD83 geographic coordinate system (datum). Generally, the differences between original NAD83 and the CSRS adjustment are less than a meter, so depending on your data, you may be able to […]

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SpatialTimes 2014 Year in Review

The numbers are finally in, and 2014 was a great year for Sure it wasn’t a full year, as the first post wasn’t even posted until April, but the year still ended right on time. There were many draft posts at the beginning but it was hard to hit the publish button as a rookie blogger. Eventually I tossed many of those draft articles as they became stale before they were finished, or I just wasn’t happy with the final product. Overall, the posts continue to be related to what I’m working on or discussing with other Geo-Geeks at the time. So let’s take […]

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Mosaic Large Images to a Single Raster in ArcGIS

I’ve had some question regarding large sets of ortho imagery tiles and how you can turn this into one seamless raster (and maintain performance). While the new Mosaic Datasets are great, what if you only have 9.3 – here is one way to merge them together using the Raster Mosaic tools available in both 9x and 10x. “Mosaic Large Images to a Single Raster in ArcGIS” is a case study based on ArcGIS Desktop 9.3 with decent, yet older, hardware – then comparing some different compression options and visual results. Please note, if you have 10x, many newer options […]

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Feature Class export into native SQL Server table

Not too long ago, the only way to store spatial data inside a database was to have a custom/binary format managed in code or by software (such as ArcSDE). There have been huge strides forward in the database world – with many platforms now incorporating native spatial types. Oracle Spatial, SQL Server’s Geometry/Geography, to name just a few. These spatial types might still have some limitations when using in combination with GIS software, but it is now much easier to ETL this data into native formats for other use.

You can have the best of both worlds as well: Using […]

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